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Luis Hernando de Larramendi, Second Vice Chairman of Fundación MAPFRE

The Board of Trustees of Fundación MAPFRE has appointed Luis Hernando de Larramendi as its Second Vice Chairman. A Law graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid, Luis Hernando de Larramendi is an official Industrial and Intellectual Property agent, European Patent Attorney, partner of the ELZABURU law firm since 1983, member of the Board of Directors at Elzaburu S.L.P. and of the Board of Trustees at the Alberto Elzaburu Foundation. He is also chairman of the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation, of the Board of Directors at Digibis S.L. and Chairman of ASE (Corporate Social Action), among other positions. In addition, he is a director of MAPFRE, S.A. and a member of the board of several MAPFRE companies and Second Vice Chairman of MAPFRE SPAIN, the umbrella company for all of our Non-Life business in this country.

He takes over in this position from Francisco Vallejo Vallejo who had been a member of Fundación MAPFRE’s Board of Trustees since May 2013.

Luis Hernando de Larramendi,

162,000 people visited the exhibition The Triumph of Color

162.000 personas visitaron la exposición El Triunfo del Color - Noticias

Nearly 1,700 people each day visited the exhibition The Triumph of Color. From Van Gogh to Matisse. Collections from Musée d’Orsay and Musée l’Orangerie, organized by Fundación MAPFRE in Barcelona, in its new exhibition hall at Casa Garriga-Nogués.

Over the three months of the exhibit, which closed its doors to the public last January, a total of 161,976 people admired the works of the principal exponents of modern art, such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and Monet, among others.

In parallel to the exhibition, 118 workshop-visits were organized for schools and families, as well as close to 190 guided tours.

The socio-sporting school project continues in America and Asia

Continúa el proyecto de escuelas sociodeportivas en América y Asia

The agreement was signed in Madrid, at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Fundación MAPFRE and the Real Madrid Foundation renewed their collaboration agreement last December, so as to continue running a total of eight socio-sporting schools in America and Asia.

These schools currently benefit a total of 2,080 young people living in areas of extreme poverty in El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Paraguay, Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

The Hispano-Brazilian Cultural Foundation includes Fundación MAPFRE on its board of trustees

La Fundación Cultural Hispano-Brasileña incluye a Fundación MAPFRE en su patronato

The general manager of Fundación MAPFRE, Julio Domingo (right), and the executive director of the Hispano-Brazilian Cultural Foundation, Francisco Gallo, at the signing of the accord.

Fundación MAPFRE recently signed an agreement with the Hispano-Brazilian Cultural Foundation to join the Board of Trustees of that entity, created in 2001 with the aim of raising awareness of Brazilian culture in Spain. With this in mind, it organizes literary events, screenings of Brazilian movies and concerts of various genres of Brazilian music, as well as other academic, scientific and cultural activities. This agreement represents a further step in the strengthening of bilateral relations between Brazil and Spain in the field of cultural promotion and, in particular, raising the profile of Brazil’s artistic diversity among the Spanish public.

New manager of Fundación MAPFRE’s Social Action Area

The Fundación MAPFRE Board of Trustees has approved the appointment of Daniel Restrepo Manrique as the new manager of the Foundation’s Social Action Area. He is replacing Fernando Garrido Tomé in this position, who will shortly be taking up his new executive duties within the MAPFRE Group.

Daniel Restrepo, Doctor in History from the University of Navarra, is Colombian. He joined Fundación MAPFRE AMÉRICA in 1991 and was the general manager of Fundación Histórica Tavera from 1992 until it was fully integrated into Fundación MAPFRE in 2006. Ever since then, he has held the post of deputy manager of the Culture Area.

Nuevo director del Área de Acción Social de Fundación MAPFRE

New publication from Fundación MAPFRE

Nueva publicación de Fundación MAPFRE

Juan Fernández Palacios, First Vice Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE VIDA, and Mercedes Sanz, Manager of Fundación MAPFRE’s Insurance and Social Protection Area, accompanied the book’s author, Lorenzo Esteban, a State Insurance Inspector and insurance actuary.

Recently the book Interest Rates When Establishing Insurance Technical Provisions was presented in Madrid. The book is fruit of a Fundación MAPFRE Research Grant and highlights the new rules for determining interest rates and their close relationship with the behavior of the financial markets.

Combating academic failure

With the slogan “Academic failure is a task for us all”, Fundación MAPFRE’s Social Action Area opens up a social dialog to publicize a problem which, in Spain, affects one of every four children under the age of 16 and help all those involved – families, teachers and pupils – to assume their share of responsibility.

Fundación MAPFRE announced this new project on February 18. It aims to work closely with professionals from the Balia Foundation, experts in this field, in order to make teaching materials freely available to serve as a guide and motivate all those interested.

60,000 children in Mexico learn healthy living habits

60.000 niños de México aprenden hábitos de vida saludables

Jesús Martínez Castellanos during the presentation of the program.

Fundación MAPFRE in Mexico and the Health Secretariat recently presented the 2016 Healthy Living campaign, whose goal is to promote healthy eating habits among children aged 5 to 12, as well as encourage the practice of physical activities. This program is particularly relevant in Mexican society, given that the country tops the international obesity ranking and suffers a chronic malnutrition rate of 7.25 percent among children aged 5 to 14, according to data from UNICEF Mexico.

Jesús Martínez Castellanos, CEO of MAPFRE MEXICO, presented the program and highlighted the fact that, during this year, 60,000 children in Mexico City schools will be seeing the play Nutridos de Buenos Hábitos [Nourished With Good Habits] to learn the importance of including vegetables in their daily diet, avoiding excessive consumption of processed products, keeping well hydrated and getting sufficient sleep.

2015 Insurance Solidarity Awards

The Insurance Solidarity Awards were handed out last November 23 in Madrid. These awards have been organized by INESE for the last fifteen years with a view to promoting solidarity and contributing to a fairer world. Julio Domingo, general manager of Fundación MAPFRE, presented the award to the ADISLI Foundation for its project Empiezo mi Vida [I Start My Life], which furthers the integration of people with borderline intelligence, helping them become independent and live their own life. During the event, in the presence of HRH the Infanta Elena, Fundación MAPFRE Project Director, Her Majesty Queen Sofia received an award in recognition of her history of solidarity and involvement in humanitarian causes.

Premios Solidarios del Seguro 2015

Julio Domingo presents the award to the representative of the ADISLI Foundation

More than 30,000 women benefit from the Women for the Heart campaign

Más de 30.000 mujeres se benefician de la campaña Mujeres por el Corazón

The campaign Women For the Heart is promoted by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with the Pro CNIC Foundation, the Spanish Heart Foundation and the Community of Madrid. Throughout 2015 it was carried out in 13 Spanish localities, as well as in various companies, with the aim of stressing the importance of cardiovascular risk among women. Women For the Heart was also run in Panama and the Dominican Republic, where it received governmental and ministerial support.

Youngsters, driving and drugs

The report Driving and Drugs. Underlying Factors For Risky Behavior, which was recently presented by Fundación MAPFRE and the FAD (Foundation for Drug-Addiction Assistance), offers a detailed, quantifiable analysis of young people’s opinions and perceptions of the risks associated with driving.

The result of polling nearly 1,000 Spaniards aged 16 to 30, the study underscores the fact that, while the majority declare “never” having driven under the effects of intoxicating substances in the last six months, a highly significant percentage of drivers have “sometimes” driven under the effects of drugs – about 36 percent in the case of alcohol and around 10 percent, in the case of cannabis, cocaine and other drugs.

Jóvenes, conducción y drogas

Over 700,000 euros in grants to promote health, social protection and the reduction of accidents

Más de 700.000 euros en ayudas para promover la salud, la previsión social y la reducción de accidentes

The recipients of the grants in each edition meet up with their Fundación MAPFRE tutors. In the picture, the research grant recipients in 2015.

Fundación MAPFRE recently announced the winners of the Ignacio H. de Larramendi research grants and has awarded 704,911 euros to 26 research projects that will mainly be carried out in centers, universities, companies and hospitals in Spain, France, Great Britain, Canada and Brazil in relation to the promotion of health, insurance and social protection, and prevention and road safety.

Among the most interesting winning studies, one that stands out is trying to develop a healthy fish snack to promote this food among the younger ones. Linked to prevention and road safety, the most noteworthy are those designed to prevent traffic accidents related to drug consumption and reduce the accident rate among pedestrians through the use of low-cost smart devices. In the insurance and social protection field, one particularly useful project analyzes the opportunities offered by the insurance industry to people with disabilities and their families.

This call for proposals also included the Primitivo de Vega Grant, which this year will allow the A.E.R. (La Ribera Entrepreneurs Association) in Navarra to implement good practices to effectively manage the professional life of workers aged over 50, enabling them to remain active in the companies there.

Fundación MAPFRE recognized with several awards for its contribution to social welfare

Premio Institucional del Motor

Premio Institucional del Motor>

Antonio Nuñez collected the prize on February 15 from Javier Moll, president of Prensa Ibérica.

Fundación MAPFRE has received the Premio Institucional del Motor, in recognition of its work in fostering road safety through education in social values.

During the award ceremony, the vice chairman of Fundación MAPFRE, Antonio Núñez, thanked the whole team at the Foundation, as well as the MAPFRE volunteers in all the countries “who perform such remarkable work in raising awareness among drivers and pedestrians on the importance of respecting the rules of the road.”

Work on behalf of the most disadvantaged

The Capital magazine recently granted an award to Fundación MAPFRE for the social work it performs, especially with people at risk of social exclusion, as well as for its contribution to boosting the Spanish economy and its commitment to social welfare. Likewise, the first edition of the Third Sector Awards, organized by Capital Radio in Spain, recognized the important work carried out by Fundación MAPFRE on behalf of people with disabilities through education and employment promotion programs.

Labor hacia los más desfavorecidos

Julio Domingo, General Manager of Fundación MAPFRE, collected the Capital award.

Improving the quality of life

Mejora de la calidad de vida

The CPR11 app, developed by Fundación MAPFRE, was featured in the ABC Salud Awards, an event that recognizes those initiatives that have contributed most to improving the quality of life of patients and generating knowledge in the field of health.

The CPR11 app is a free application for mobile devices that outlines 11 basic steps showing what to do during the first few moments following a cardiac arrest.

An award also in the field of prevention

The Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities of the Community of Madrid (FAMMA-COCEMFE Madrid) and the Official Technical Engineers Association of Madrid have presented Fundación MAPFRE with an award for its outstanding safety and prevention work.

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